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* Fed Gov. Has changed Tax Credit from 26% to 30% Since This Was Filmed *

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"This company is best for your solar needs. They knocked my power bill from over $400 down to less then $50. And the staff is amazing! They will go out of their way to make sure that you are taken good care of. I recommend 100%"

Freddy B.



"I have had Skyline Solar since December 2019. The panels are running great, the sales team worked out a plan for either financing and paying a lower set cost than my electric bill or had a deal for paying cash. Appointments made were kept. I was able to claim the federal tax credit of 30% that is declining every year. I recommend going solar and reducing use of fossil fuels. Skyline was a great company to work with!"

Heather M.




"I am very fortunate (and grateful) that someone recommended Skyline Solar to me and that I made the phone call to talk to them.  This was, without a shred of a doubt, the best process and experience I could have ever dreamed of going through.  It was affordable, easy (on my end), and quick to get finalized.  Everyone is very customer service oriented, and they all genuinely care about their clientele.  Invest in this company; they are going places!  Much thanks again, Skyline Solar!"

Matthew M.